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Who says there is no need to reinvent the wheel? Aviation is arguably one of history’s biggest inventions. From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Wright brothers, air travel has changed the way we think about the relationship between time and space; what was once thought impossible became possible. NetJets®, with the largest private jet fleet in the world, takes this vision further. With NetJets, every flight is a luxury experience, customized to your every want and need.

Reinventing the wheel – and letting you take control.

San Diego real estate agent Jon Granston aims to harness the power of innovation and the experience of luxury to change the way we think about buying a house. Just as NetJets has reinvented air travel, Jon and his team are reinventing real estate. Backed by this network of professionals, you can steer the experience in whatever direction you wish.

In both air travel and real estate, smooth transitions can make or break your experience:

  • Travel
  • Timelines
  • Reaping the Benefits

Redefining Luxury: Travel

Jon Granston and Chad Blomgren of NetJets share clients, giving them the best land, sea, and air have to offer. Together, they can create a travel experience that is custom-tailored to your personal preferences, helping you to work more efficiently, play harder, or simply to sit back and relax.

Fashion changes, but style remains.”  – Chanel

Jon Granston and his team do the legwork toward finding your new North County coastal home, your second home, your vacation home – whatever real estate needs bring you to the San Diego area. NetJets makes sure you get there quickly, easily, and in style.

For work or pleasure, with business partners or family, NetJets® creates an in-flight environment to compliment your goals. Transform air travel from a need to a want.


Smooth Transitions

Having a second home on the other side of the country may seem an unlikely proposition. Commercial air travel, long lines at the airport, security checkpoints, flight delays, schedule conflicts, and the sheer distance of the flight can make going from Washington D.C. to the coast of San Diego for the weekend more trouble than it's worth.

Make sure you are exactly where you want to be – when you want to be there.

NetJets® can eliminate all of these concerns with unparalleled service:

  • Luxury ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Guaranteed aircraft access made within hours of notice
  • No security lines, delays in travel due to other passengers, connecting flights, or lost luggage, allowing you to depart moments after you arrive at the airport
  • The highest safety standards
  • 24-hour on-call travel support team
  • Customized multi-city flights upon request

Whether you are in the process of buying property or simply traveling back and forth to your new coastal home, Jon Granston and NetJets® can make sure you are exactly where you want to be – when you want to be there.

The Benefits Of Ownership

Jon Granston and his team specialize in finding properties that meet your lifestyle needs, exceed your expectations for comfort and luxury, and feel like home even if home is across the country. Home ownership gives you the benefits of interior customization, guaranteed access to your getaway house whenever the mood strikes, and the security of knowing exactly what you are walking into.

The best of the best: fly on your schedule, escape when the mood strikes, then lay your head down on your own pillow at night.

As a NetJets Owner, you enjoy all of the convenience and luxury of your own private jet without the hassle or the expense. With fractional aircraft ownership, you fly on your schedule, equipping the jet to suit your needs each time you travel. Plus, you remain in complete control of the flight itinerary – including the ability to reroute the flight mid-air.


Go Beyond the Basic with Innovative Luxuries

Now that you have a first class seat, where will you go? Watch the video Jon collaborated on with NetJets San Diego, or read our next article, “Luxury Services & Innovative Solutions” from Jon Granston, to learn how P.S. Platinum and NetJets fit into the history of high-end service and can expand your possibilities beyond your wildest dreams:

  • Defining your real estate goals
  • Building your team
  • Don’t neglect the process
  • Creating a seamless timeline